Top 7 Must-Have SEIKO Watches

Top 7 Must-Have Seiko watches

This is a showcase of some beyond tempting SEIKO’s that are available nearly always at sensible purchase prices. In the quest to present to you only the best, I approached acknowledged experts and arbiters of good taste in all things SEIKO, including SEIKO King Joe Kirk, now running a SEIKO boutique in Miami.

SEIKO 6309-7040 MarineMaster Pro (Shown Above)

Dating originally from 1981, this MarineMaster Pro (see above) is known as the ‘Turtle’ because of its oversized case running to 43.6mm. Water resistant to 300 meters, the watch has the original SEIKO Black Scuba Diver’s dial with a red-accented inverted arrowhead at 12 o’ clock. The watch comes on the classic shark mesh bracelet. The movement is a Seiko 17 Jewel 6309A. This model sold for $557.00


SEIKO Baby Tuna limited edition SRP453

TunaThis limited edition watch comes fully and officially Bhanu Approved. Bhanu even owns one, such is its legitimacy to be included here. The SRP453 has a slightly larger case size as compared to the 455 at roughly 46mm. Part of the reason for this is its shrouded case design. The nickname baby tuna was acquired due to its similar case design to that of a tuna can. This smaller variation has a composite blue shroud with an opening from 12:00-3:00 and 6:00-9:00 to allow easy grasp on its unidirectional bezel. If you can get hold of one expect to pay around $550.00.


SEIKO Prospex Kinetic GMT SUN 019

seiko-prospex-sun023-6This beauty is Joe ‘Grand Seiko’ Kirk’s choice. He would naturally have liked to have chosen a Grand Seiko, but we wanted to include watches that the average SEIKO lover actually has a chance of affording. The SUN019 features a 47.5mm stainless steel case and bracelet, mostly brushed in finish.  The shrouded design is inspired from their first 600m dive watch from 1975 with openings from 12:00 to 3:00 and 6:00 to 9:00 allowing for easy access to its uni-directional divers bezel.  The dial and bezel for the SUN019 is in black, with the dial matte, making for great contrast along with its heavily applied luminous (Lumi-Bright) markers and hands.  All four hands, along with the hour and minute markers, the frame of the GMT hand, and the tail end of the seconds hand are coated in the Lumi-Bright material.  Can be had for around $400.00 but official MSRP is $695.00

SEIKO Automatic “Presage”SARY055

S-SARY055_a_1024x1024James Henderson, Chief Messenger of Tempus Fugit, proposed this handsome 41mm day date watch. it runs on a 4R36 24J Automatic with hand winding and a hack function. Despite its assured dress watch good looks it is still water resistant to 100 meters. $320.00


SEIKO SARB065 Mechanical x Shinobu Ishigaki Cocktail watch

LLIn similar vein, this is a dress watch from SEIKO known as a cocktail watch, designed for elegant evening wear. This 40mm watch runs on a 23 jewels automatic movement. The stylish sunburst dial coupled with reliable Japanese precision has made the SARB 065 something of a collector’s item among SEIKO enthusiasts. $442.00


SEIKO Vintage 5 Automatic Day Date

8999If you can pick up a clean, refurbished version of one of these watches from the 70s or early 80s and you are happy with the more discreet 36mm size, they are wonderfully retro. They just keep going and going and keep reliably accurate time. SEIKO now make larger 43mm Recraft versions of this watch style but there’s something about the originals that continue to hold their appeal.


Seiko 5 Automatic SCX66

Seiko VintageThis watch is of a similar 70s vintage. The red dial stands out eye-catchingly against the stainless steel, and this particular model is in excellent vintage condition, which is why the asking price is a hefty $899.00! Old school watch repair guys in Hong Kong and Singapore always comment favorably on these watches as it fills them with a sense of pre-politically correct nostalgia.

This is our selection of must-have SEIKO watches what is yours?


 SEIKO Prospex Kinetic pic courtesy of Arizona Fine Time