80 Hour Power Reserve: Tissot Powermatic80


As Christmas draws ever closer it’s time to decide what you dream about versus what is genuinely affordable, and the new Powermatic80 series from Tissot could be a worthy contender for a happy compromise. Earlier this year Tissot introduced the Powermatic80 series which features a record-setting power reserve of 80 hours.

Most automatics will run to around 40 to 45 hours with the exception of some of the high-end watches with double barrels, but for one of those you will be shelling out considerably more than the asking price of the Powermatic80.

The watch’s chronometer is COSC-certified, which means the ETA C07.111 (a modified ETA 2824) movement in the watch has passed some rigorous testing and is highly accurate. Being a part of the House of Swatch, Tissot has the luxury of being able to make modifications to ETA movements at leisure.

The watch is designed for a long-running life thanks to lower friction materials and a balance beating at 3Hz instead of 4Hz, thus imposing less stress, wear and tear on the working parts.

The Powermatic80 was first unveiled at Baselworld and comes in a classic 41mm dial, with a sapphire dial, see-through caseback, and an engraved checkered motif on the case flanks.

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In total there are 20 different variations, including some that are non-COSC certified, gold or PVD plated with different dial colours, and leather and metal bracelets. The top end models retail for around $1000, maybe less, so it’s decision time. Do you hold out for the grail, or do you plump for a quality mid-market option such as this. Only you can decide.

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