Aldo Magada Resigns as Zenith CEO. Jean-Claude Biver Takes Temporary Helm

Aldo Magada

Watchuseek was one of the first blogs to start talking about it, and is currently on top of the search engines should you enter the simple phrase, ‘Aldo Magada resigns as Zenith CEO’.

Speculation is predictably rife as to whether Magada jumped or was pushed, but it is believed this could be a strategic move on the part of Head of Watchmaking at LMVH, Jean-Claude Biver, to take up the reins of Zenith, at least temporarily, having spent the last two years tailoring TAG Heuer to his own vision.

During Magada’s tenure, Zenith became involved with Biver style borrowed interest branding exercises, linking with entities such as The Rolling Stones, Range Rover, cigar makers Cohiba and even the Distinguished Gentlemans’ Ride. But for all that the brand with the shining star is still most closely linked to the still well regarded El Primero Chronograph movement introduced way back in 1969.

Jean-Claude Biver

Jean-Claude Biver: New interim CEO, Zenith

The decision for Magada to resign was one reached in consensus with Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, who agreed that the brand as a whole needed a long hard look at its recent management practices in order to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

Where the Billy Bunter bespectacled Mr. Magada will go next is unclear, but as JCB takes over as interim chief, you can expect his customary ceaseless carbon footprint and indefatigable photo opportunities to be drumming up plenty of news and controversy for Zenith in the months to come.

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