Baselworld Competitor Raleighworld Set To Bring Annual International Watch Fair to Raleigh, NC


Plans are  ‘at an advanced stage’ for the introduction of RaleighWorld, a direct American based competitor to the world famous Baselworld watch fair hosted each year in Switzerland.

The Southeastern city of Raleigh, located on the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, is named after the entrepreneurial Elizabethan hero Sir Walter Raleigh, who, in 1589, brought the still hugely popular potato to Ireland. Now the city aims to bring American made watch brands to the South East for a week of congenial fun, friendship and watch exhibiting.

“With a vibrant, well-educated population of over 4 million, Raleigh has everything needed for a hugely successful international watch fair. As part of the Research Triangle, one of the major scientific research centers in the USA, Raleigh is regularly featured in top 10 lists as offering both a high quality of living and an excellent business environment. Not only that, mother nature, in all her glory, is right on the door step.” Raleigh, North Carolina Mayor, Nancy McFarlane

Raleigh Mayor McFarlane, 60, anticipates enthusiastic take up by some of America’s most respected brands including RGM, Kobold, Niall, Keaton Myrick, Detroit Watch Company, Devon, Weiss and a number of other US watchmakers. Once the show beds in, it is hoped the American subsidiaries of the major Swiss and Japanese watch brands will want to participate too.




While many cities are struggling, Raleigh, known as the Oak City, is booming, and not just in population or construction, but in spirit. And McFarlane, who’s just announced she’s seeking a fourth two-year term as mayor, can justifiably take credit for many of the great developments in the Capital City. Raleigh receives top rankings by magazines and business organizations for economic growth and flourishing arts.

As many American made watch brands have their headquarters on the Eastern seaboard, RaleighWorld offers the advantage of being just a short flight away. The watch fair could represent significant savings for watch brands who simply cannot afford to travel given Basel’s notoriously high prices, and where floor space is said to be as high as $1,480 per square foot.



Mayor McFarlane, herself a successful pharmaceuticals entrepreneur, sees the annual watch fair as a significant money earner for the sun kissed city. She is currently seeking input from watch experts, collectors and connoisseurs about how to ensure the watch fair can become a permanent success.

“This is an opportunity for American watch lovers and brand builders to get involved from the get go” she declared.

Although a Democrat, the idea is thought to be a perfect fit for President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ manifesto, although it is not yet known if government or city funding will be granted to the RaleighWorld Watch Fair, which is mooted to get under way as early as the Fall of 2018.

Those keen to contribute ideas, sponsorship, or consultative advice should first contact Opal Firlo here.

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