Auguste Reymond Shoots For The Moon On Kickstarter

Auguste Reymond is launching this new Kickstarter

Why, you ask, why would a well-established traditional Swiss watch brand such as Auguste Reymond, (original founding date 1898), decide to go the distinctly start-up newbie route of a Kickstarter campaign to launch their new Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon watch?

Auguste Reymond is launching a new watch on Kickstarter

Right now, there are 27,025 good reasons why. That’s the number of Swiss francs the brand has raised with 19 days still to go, putting them comfortably beyond their target.

Based in Tramelan in the Jura mountains in Switzerland, Auguste Reymond develop both automatic and quartz watches in small quantities.

ar-kicks-blue-pr-editIn recent times, it was Norbert Loosli and his son Thomas who created a presence and personality for the brand. Taking over the management in 1989, Thomas believed that the best watches foster a personal relationship with the wearer and become treasured items and proceeded to create small production collections that reflected this philosophy.

In 2012, Thomas decided it was time to hand over the reins to Lorenz Aebischer, a former SWATCH Group executive involved with Mido and Tissot. Although it was a major change, in the last 5 years under Lorenz’s leadership, Auguste Reymond has delivered new low production number product lines and collections, including some watches with original patented design concepts.

Auguste Reymond is launching a new watch on Kickstarter

One such is the Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon Watch currently on Kickstarter. Auguste Reymond have taken this new route to market because they realized that Kickstarter would put them directly in touch with a community of genuine watch lovers. The traditional Swiss watch way of working means toiling in isolation, often in secret, with little or no feedback, having to raise massive marketing support, the cost of which is passed on to the customer, and then sharing margin with retailers. It’s a process that pumps the price up at every step along the way.

Auguste Reymond is launching a new watch on Kickstarter

In short, Auguste Reymond wanted to avoid the whole headache of the usual route to market so well-trodden by the mighty watch brands. It’s a route that in recent years has caused even the global watch behemoths to pull back and cut costs, and with that inevitably, there has been a cut in quality. ‘Less is more’ is really a marketing euphemism for less is less.

With an offering on Kickstarter, Auguste Reymond realized they could be uncompromising in quality, and at the same time totally direct in communications, reaching out to interested customers both old and new. Kickstarter also enables AR Auguste Reymond to receive instant feedback and conversation with supportive pledgers, and crucially in these money conscious times, it means costs are kept low.

Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon Watch

Auguste Reymond is launching a new watch on Kickstarter

This new 42mm patented watch from Auguste Reymond features a moon index which revolves on its orbit around the Earth indicating one moon phase or cycle.

The watch runs on a Swiss quartz movement with a battery life of 44 months. The Orbital Moon watch comes in PVD casing  in blue, black or rose gold color. Functions include date, week day, moon phases, hours, minutes, seconds. Early bird pledges for the watch are CHF 575. When the watch goes to market and reaches stores the price will be CHF1160.

Visit the Auguste Reymond Kickstarter site