Authenticate your Zenith: New Zenith Archive Extract service and Certificate of Authenticity


Zenith has introduced two new services through their website aimed at researching and verifying the authenticity of collectors’ timepieces. The archive extract and the certificate of authenticity services were developed to respond to the growing number of requests that the brand receives each year for information about Zenith watches.

The Archive Extract service

This is designed for anyone in possession of a vintage Zenith watch which is not part of the current collection. The amount of information Zenith can provide depends not only on what is in the archives but the information supplied by the client, for example, the year the watch was was made, in certain cases the name of the collection or model, the target market, and so on.

To achieve the most extensive possible research, client should provide the number of the movement and good quality photographs, as well any other information that might be of use.

Zenith will then send Archive Extract within 30 working days, which will, in most cases, contain the date the watch was manufactured in Le Locle and other information related to its production. Wherever possible, they will also provide historic catalogue extracts and historical advertisements along with the document.

The Archive Extract can only be ordered through the website, not via email or by other electronic means, or by post. It costs CHF 120 or CHF 150 if the client wishes to receive a paper copy of the document. The payment covers the research conducted by the Heritage Department. While Zenith will always try their best to research a watch, they cannot guarantee that the result will always be successful.

Certificates of Authenticity

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A Certificate of Authenticity can be obtained either to help secure the sale of a certain timepiece or for your own satisfaction. The Certificate of Authenticity is based on an extensive examination of the timepiece conducted by one of Zenith’s After-Sales Service specialists in collaboration with the Heritage Department.

The information in the certificate refers to the type, case and movement. It may also contain information on the characteristics of the watch. If the complete examination of the watch reveals that part of the watch is not original, Zenith reserves the right not to deliver the watch’s certificate of authenticity.

The owner of the timepiece subsequently receives a quote for the Certificate of Authenticity, accompanied by an offer from the After-Sales Service for restoring and servicing the watch. If the client does not wish to have his timepiece restored, the Certificate of Authenticity will cost CHF 500. In the event of the watch being restored, the Certificate of Authenticity will be free of charge.

Each timepiece must be sent through Zenith service centres, boutiques or certified retailers. No watches directly sent to the manufacture will be processed.

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