Baselworld 2016: Citizen Live Report


Citizen celebrates its 40th Anniversary for Eco-Drive this year and with this celebration, has found a way to further improve Eco-Drive in terms of size.  The Eco-Drive One is now the thinnest solar powered watch ever made with a caliber only 1mm thick inside a case that is only 2.98mm.  This achievement enables 85 components to be jam packed into this unimaginable 1mm thickness.

Citizen Baselworld 2016

Citizen Baselworld 2016

Citizen-26This new line up consists of their Limited Edition flagship model, AR5014-04E, which uses Cermet case and a binderless cemented carbide bezel and crocodile strap.  Only 800 piece will be produced.  Estimated MSRP is around $6,000.

Citizen Eco-Drive One AR5014-04E

Citizen Eco-Drive One AR5014-04ETwo of the core models in the lineup will be AR5000-50E with black dial, and AR5004-59H in two tone with grey dial.  They both utilize stainless steel cases with proprietary Duratect a coating and cermet bezel for scratch resistance.  Estimated MSRP is to be around $2,600.

Citizen Eco-Drive One AR5000-50E Citizen Eco-Drive One AR5000-50E

As a tribute to the first Eco-Drive Citizen, the Crystron, Citizen has introduced a new Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F150 sharing design attributes from the originating Eco-Drive.  This new GPS Solar watch features a stainless steel case with uniquely shaped bezel that replicates the Crystron, as well as a similar styled stainless bracelet.

Citizen Satellite Wave F150Citizen Satellite Wave F150

One of the most renowned Citizen Eco-Drive models is the Promaster “Eco-Zilla”.  This year, Citizen will introduce not only a new design, but a new twist to help customize your diver with ease.  This new interchangeable strap and bracelet set is not your traditional spring bar.  For the new “Eco-Zilla”, a special circular tool is provided to unscrew the case back and detach an outer surrounding case, along with the bracelet/strap and replace with the other.  It is a very simple process, and the only toll required is right in your waterproof box and won’t scratch your watch in the process.

Citizen Eco-Zilla 2016 Citizen Eco-Zilla 2016A new generation of Sky-Hawk A-T is to be introduced for 2016 in 3 new styles.  The ever popular black and neon green made popular by their first Satellite Wave, the Appleseed XIII, is brought on to the Sky-Hawk line up along with a black and red dial on a stainless bracelet.  The third model (not pictured) will be same design, in the Blue Angles motif.

Citizen Skyhawk Baselworld 2016 Citizen Skyhawk Baselworld 2016The other big introduction in the way of aviation is the new Navihawk GPS featuring the GPS controlled, high function, F900 caliber introduced last year.  These models are all available in titanium one on polyurethane strap and two with bracelets, one of which will have black hard coating.

Citizen Navihawk GPS Baselworld 2016 Citizen Navihawk GPS Baselworld 2016Citizen Navihawk GPS Baselworld 2016The new wave of smart watch sales cannot be forgotten.  The original solar powered analog bluetooth “connected” watch Citizen’s Proximity from 2012.  The new generation of Proximity has now expanded its portfolio including Android to it’s compatibility along with Apple.  Other new features included receiving notifications from only select contacts.  Stay tuned as we go over the new Proximity more thorough down the road.

Citizen Proximity Baselworld 2016 Citizen Proximity Baselworld 2016

One of Citizen’s most popular models several years back was the caliber 2100.  This model is now being reintroduced in 2 styles featuring a sapphire crystal and hand assembled caliber.

Citizen Caliber 2100 Baselworld 2016 Citizen Caliber 2100 Baselworld 2016The final part of the core Eco-Drive collection is a series of four new power reserve display models (2 of which pictured).  These classic designs will be simplistic and clean, with price tags under $400.

Citizen Baselworld 2016 Citizen Baselworld 2016The higher end flagship of Citizen USA is their (now nearly all mechanical) Signature Collection.  Several new models will be introduced this year, ranging from open heart 3 hand models, to power reserve day date and month displays.  These caliber 9100 based movements have been getting high praise from collectors, especially considering near all Signature Collection models are under $1,500.  Also note, a new Eco-Drive ladies style has been added to the line up.

Citizen Signature Automatic Baselworld 2016 Citizen Signature Ladies Baselworld 2016 Citizen Signature Automatic Baselworld 2016 Citizen Signature Automatic Baselworld 2016


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