Baselworld 2016: MB&F Live Report

HMX & Starfleet Black Badger_HRES_CMYK_JPG_HMX Black Badger_HMX_BB_Top_DayNight_Blue_Hres_CMYK

Max Busser’s creative mind has a knack of finding other like-minded creative artists who take his existing ideas to the next level.  This time it was a chance meeting with James Thompson at Salon QP, which catapulted the already creative HMX watch into a far more desired object.

HMX & Starfleet Black Badger_HRES_CMYK_JPG_Black Badger_James_Thompson_credit_Zebastian_Johansson_CMYK

James Thompson is a 39-year-old industrial designer from Vancouver, Canada. Since 2002 James has lived and worked in Sweden. He founded the Black Badger Advanced Composites in 2002. Even though James has his steady business with crafting unique rings made from exotic materials, his creative juices flow when he collaborates with others.  James recently stated in an interview that he thinks of himself as a kind of a guest-star actor on a show. “Just pop in, make some noise, and be off to the next gig. It keeps it fresh and exciting.”


James uses photolumenescent composite called AGT ULTRA, made by Ambient Glow Technology. It’s a passive glow material, so it requires exposure to a bright light source to charge, and will then glow brightly in the darkness for an extended period of time. How brightly and how long depends completely on how strong the charging light is, and how dark the viewing area is.


MB&F celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2015 with the launch of HMX.  James redesigned the “rocker cover” of HMX’s Engine, visible under the sapphire crystal, milled from his signature solid blocks of brightly colored composites.  The three colors chosen were “Radar Green”, “Phantom Blue”, and “Purple Reign”.  Green is brightest and easiest to view, but that nice blue glow puts a smile on your face.



HMX displays bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes. Light streaming through the transparent cover both illuminates the top of HMX’s engine by day, and by night the brightly glowing lume provides its own colorful backlight to the time display.


The HMX Black Badger was was one of the most photographed and possibly the most fun-to-be-photographed watch at Baselworld.


HMX Black Badger is a limited edition with 18 pieces in each of the three colors housed in a grade 5 titanium and stainless steel case.  The price is of this glowing mechanical object is $50,000.