Baselworld 2016: Nomos Live Report



Nomos had one new watch, which is refreshing since several watch brands release new watches every year just for the sake of claiming they have released a new watch.  Quality over quantity remains to be desired from the brands, otherwise journalists and consumers get desensitized to such releases.


Nomos released a new version of square watch, Tetra Neomatic.  Previous version of manual wind Tetra was smaller in size and more appreciated by women.  Now with the 33mm x 33mm slim case, Tetra wears much bigger, so both women and men can appreciate the watch.


Besides the larger case size, Nomos has its subtle fun colors on the dial.  For example, the Blau model has green minute marks on a deep blue dial with orange small seconds hand and an orange dot at 6.  Tetra also has the Nomos DUW 3001 caliber which measures stands at a slim 3.2 millimeters in height.   In fact, Nomos claims that it is thinner than almost anything else (keyword almost) other brands which manufacturers automatic watches in a series.


Another refreshing approach about Nomos is its drive to improve efficiencies within the in-house caliber.  In the case of Neomatic watches, Mr. Theodor Prenzel, responsible for research and development, explained that in first version of Neomatic series had Triovis regulation system from Swatch, which was inefficient to regulate as it was tough for the watchmaker to reach under the hairspring to adjust the positions.  Mr. Prenzel created a simple yet effective regulation system which sits on top of the balance.  This allows the watchmaker to adjust the position of balance spring without coming into direct contact with it.


Nomos has eliminated yet another dependency on Swatch with this innovation.  This would have been touted as a big breakthrough by other watch brands, but Nomos considers this a “minor” efficiency update.  How do they make all these innovations seem easy? – Nomos controls the production process end-to-end, so changes made can be easily absorbed by the design and development team.