Baselworld 2016: Tissot Live Report

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition 1

Our meeting with Tissot turned out to be something of a Canuck love-in when the Verticalscope guys and Swatch Group Managing Director for Canada Rick Ostrom discovered that they are both not merely resident in Toronto, but literally one block away from one another. Then they discovered they share a love for a Toronto basketball team the Toronto Raptors because there’s a Special Edition Raptors Chronograph. Several trays of watches were produced in between talk of the Raptors performance this season and various restaurants in the Verticalscope HQ vicinity. Here are just a few of the watches we were shown.

 Tissot Vintage Chronograph

Tissot Novelties_Tissot Vintage Chronograph_Tissot_Vintage_Chronograph_T920_417_76_441_00_PR

Tissot Novelties_Tissot Vintage Chronograph_Tissot Vintage Chronograph_Tissot_Vintage_Chronograph_T920_417_76_441_00_MT

The Tissot Vintage Chronograph completes the Vintage collection. Its pure, clean lines and elegantly uncluttered face are complemented by single, streamlined touches like the discreet date at 4 o’ clock and the contemporary baton indices complementing the antique style of the watch. In a first for Tissot, the Vintage Chronograph is available in a special edition where the gradient yellow gold on the dial fades into a distinguished gunmetal; a hue somewhere between anthracite and black.

The deep, dark shades and contouring add a depth to the dial. Other models come clad in all black with a leather strap and rose gold case, with a silver dial and rose gold with brown leather strap or in yellow gold with silver dial and black leather strap, all of which are designed to recall a glamorous bygone era.  Price: TBC

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition 1

Tissot Novelties_Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition_Tissot_T_Touch_Expert_Solar_NBA_Special_Edition_caseback

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition is dedicated to the biggest partnership of Tissot’s history. Following the groundbreaking announcement, Tissot produced a special collection that perfectly illustrates the essence of the association. The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition reflects the innovative technology that Tissot will be bringing to the court with its precision and innovative Timekeeping, thanks to its tactile functions that offer a compass, altimeter and weather forecast amongst others, and its design that reminds us of the sporty and bold attitude the great athletes demonstrate. To show off the watch in style, Tissot created an edition with a gold-colored case. A discrete version is also available in a cool grey.  Price:$1,150


 Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition

Tissot Novelties_Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA_Tissot_T_Touch_Expert_CBA_Special_Edition

Tissot Novelties_Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA_Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition_Tissot_T_Touch_Expert_Solar_CBA_Special_Edition_T091_420_47_207_02_MT

 Tissot honors its partnership with the CBA, with the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition. With a sporty attitude and performance with functions that go from compass to altimeter and weather forecast the watch is powered by the sun. The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar CBA Special Edition features the Official CBA logo engraved on its caseback, which should please fans and collectors alike. Only a limited number of these special editions will be produced. It’s time to get your game on if you want to be one of the proud owners.   Price: $1,150

Tissot PRS516 Powermatic 80

PRS516 Powermatic

The Tissot PRS 516 series takes time to reflect on its 1960s motorsport-inspired origins. Wearers of the Tissot PRS models are equipped with timepieces integrating the innovations in Swiss watchmaking to complement nostalgic design elements from the racetrack. On some of these models, the movement can be seen in action through the distinctive case back shaped like the steering wheel of a pioneering sports car. Price: $625

Tissot Heritage 1936

Tissot Novelties_Tissot Heritage 1936_Tissot_Heritage_1936_T104_405_16_012_00_PR

Tissot Vintage Chronograph

The Tissot Heritage 1936 is a reinterpretation of a piece that was in Tissot’s collection in 1936. Although the inspiration comes from a watch that dates back to the wristwatch revolution of the 1930s, when they started dominating the market, this version also pays tribute to the very first attempts. It was after the impact of World War I that men started to wear wristwatches rather than pocket watches for practicality reasons. The watchmakers started by taking pocket watches and welding arches on each side of the case in order to slip a strap at the back, as to create a watch that could be worn on the wrist. The Tissot Heritage 1936 is exactly that.

After removing the bracelet, the back of the case can be opened to view the works of the movement. It is also designed to be able to inscribe personalized engravings. The hands are reminiscent of high-end watchmaking in the old days. Today, such a piece will definitely stand out. It’s time for originality. Price: Around $1,100

Tissot Le Locle Regulateur

Tissot Novelties_Tissot Le Locle Regulateur_Tissot Le Locle Regulateur_Tissot_Le_Locle_Regulateur_T006_428_11_038_02_MT

Tissot Le Locle Regulateur is a member of the popular Le Locle family of watches, named after Tissot’s home in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The watch is a nod to the “Regulateur”, a clock used in workshops in the eighteenth and nineteenth century as reference to check the accuracy of pocket watches. At that time, watches were not as accurate as they are today. They varied in terms of minutes rather than seconds, which is why the minute was the most accurate quantification. This piece reflects that by placing the small counter, which indicates the seconds, at the bottom of the dial, while the hour counter is at the top. Available in a wide variety of different models, in modern steel, fashionable yellow gold pvd bi-color or classic black with or without a warm rose gold case the connoisseurs will be spoilt for choice. It’s time to add elegance to the everyday. Price: TBC

Tissot Quickster Collection

Tissot 111Novelties_Tissot Quickster Team Special Editions_NBA Partner Teams_Tissot_Quickster_NBA_Team_CloseUp


Toronto Raptors

Following the biggest partnership announcement in Tissot history with the NBA, Tissot has created watches dedicated to a number of top basketball teams worldwide. The Tissot Quickster collection is a sporty looking with a contemporary Nato strap to match. The watch features the number twelve in its rightful place and straight hands, illustrating the focus of the athletes on court, while adding to the sporty character of the watch. Another one of its many particularities is its bezel design. The series is available for several NBA teams including of course, the Toronto Raptors. Price: $395

Tissot Jungfraubahn T-Touch Expert Solar Quartz

Tissot T-Touch Expert Jungfraubahn Watch

 The T-Touch Expert Solar is an important new model in the Tissot range with this particular model being a limited edition piece. The watch is well designed and powered by solar energy with 20 features including weather forecasting, altimeter, second time zone and a compass it is the perfect travel companion. This watch is available at Tissot’s highest location – a shop at the summit of Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at 3,454 meters above sea level. Part of the Tissot Jungfrau Collection, the watch will appeal to a diverse number of watch wearers. Every watch comes in a collectable box. Price: $1,150

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