Baselworld 2016: Tudor Live Report – Return of the Black Bay


This live report is appropriately titled, the return of the Black Bay.  Mr. Ander Ugarte, the father and designer of modern Black Bay explained that Tudor listened to watch collectors and researched the history to finally produce a modern Black Bay with keeping the vintage divers in mind.



Tudor has a created a future classic with Black Bay Dark, Blue, and now also bronze.  All of them come with the in-house movement, shield logo, and “more concise” three lines of writing on the bottom-half of the dial.


The Black Bay Dark (Ref 79230DK) has a satin PVD coating, which while softer than a DLC coating, is more useful for true divers as it is less brittle.  It is 41mm, comes with an additional fabric strap, and is priced at CHF 3,950.


The Black Bay Bronze (Ref 79250BM) has a bronze aluminum case which is resistant to corrosion underwater.  The case is 43mm with an inversed triangle on the matt brown bezel.  The included fabric strap has a bronze buckle as well.  It is priced at CHF 3,800.


The Black Bay Blue (Ref 79230B) has a 41mm satin finished stainless steel case.  The blue bezel is dark navy blue. It is priced at CHF 3,200.


Tudor interesting also released the Black Bay 36 (Ref 79500).  It is an entry level watch without a rotating bezel and has an interesting fabric strap.  It has an ETA movement and is priced at CHF 2,400.

Tudor‘s 2016 Watch Collection has just gone live at Baselworld 2016 and here’s the video preview from Watchuseek’s Youtube Channel. Subscribe HERE to get the videos as soon as they’re posted.