BATHYS Benthic GMT Diver Now Only $350

BATHYS Benthic GMT Diver

Hawaii based brand BATHYS has decided to roll back their prices to the time when they first started out in 2005 to offer the Benthic GMT Diver for just $350.

From now until July 8, you can save a $145 on the Benthic GMT Diver using the code OG145 at checkout. The Benthic GMT is a Swiss-Made dive watch, with an anti-reflection coated sapphire crystal, water resistant to 200 meters, and a jeweled Swiss quartz movement with GMT complication. It comes on a waterproof leather strap and has luminous indices that are legendary in the watch world.


The Benthic GMT features a large GMT pointer and a 24 hour time readout along the rehaut ring, so knowing the time in Tokyo, Sydney or LA is easy. All indicators are clearly legible and identifiable even in complete darkness.

BATHYS watches are designed to handle every situation one might face in Hawaii, from towering surf, to constant saltwater exposure, jagged, razor sharp lava, and remote locations where rescue is simply impossible. BATHYS state that with just steel, brass, sapphire, and leather they build watches that you can trust your life with and that will last for decades.