Top 6 Best Straps for Seiko SKX007: Watch Strap Review

We take a look at some of the Best Straps for Seiko SKX007 in this in-depth video review.

The Seiko SKX007 is arguably one of the most popular mechanical dive watches available today.

It’s classic Seiko design along with a proven reliable movement at a very affordable price has made this a perennial favorite for a wide variety of watch enthusiasts. I bought my watch back in 2012, and right away I knew that I would be replacing the stock Seiko Z 22 that it came on. In this video, I take a look at my journey of straps and bracelets that I’ve purchased for my SKX007.


Full disclosure: I purchased all six of them with my own money:

Strap Code Super Oyster – $56 USD

Crown & Buckle Perlon – $14 USD

Toxic Natos Admiralty – $19 USD

Bonetto Cinturini Model 326 – $30 USD

Crafter Blue CB05 – $65 USD

Hirsch Liberty – $50 USD