Catawiki Yourself A Bargain Brand New Or Vintage Rolex


Everyone knows about Ebay, but only connoisseurs know about Catawiki. Catawiki is a fast-growing Dutch auction site that has rapidly grown in importance, not only in the watch world, but across several key collector categories, including art, jewelry, classic cars, books, wine, stamps and much more besides.  They are also noted for the quality of the items brought to auction. But what’s the real Catawiki difference? For a start, all items available for auction on the site have first been vetted by a real, living, breathing auctioneer whose job it is to choose the pick of the items that he knows will gain traction among hungry bidders. There is nothing here merely posing as the real deal, but if ever there is a problem it is promptly dealt with.

Additionally, anyone wishing to place an item for auction on Catawiki first has to submit valid, checkable ID to offer an additional measure of security to buyers. Whether you’re taste is for pilots’ watches, divers, dress watches, sports watches or vintage pocket watches, there’s always an irresistible rarity somewhere on the site just waiting for you to bid on it. Catawiki started in 2007, by 2011 it had started to offer one watch auction a week, today there are 11, and the site attracts 14 million visitors a month.



Up for auction right now with 3 days and 22 hours still to run, is a brand new, unworn 2017 40mm Rolex Milgauss with a green crystal and blue dial. All its protective wrappings are still in place. It’s a watch favored by rock God Eric Clapton. It comes complete with a 5 year Rolex Italian Guarantee. Bidding currently stands at £4,322. The auctioneers’ estimate is between £5,780 to £7,520.

The Milgauss name has been around since 1956 and the current version (ref 116400GV) was released in 2007. The watch has magnetic interference resistance up to 1000 gauss, the Milgauss was originally designed for engineers, technicians and scientists. The watch runs on a Rolex caliber 3131, a COSC certified movement running at 4 Hz with a power reserve of 48 hours.




Another beautiful Rolex up for grabs, with just 3 days and 22 hours still to run, is this crisp yellow gold Rolex Day Date watch. It comes complete with the original Rolex buckle and a 1 year Watcher guarantee. The Rolex Day-Date, for long the choice of US Presidents, starting with General Ike Eisenhower in 1956, has been the indispensable companion of world leaders, celebrities, dignitaries, and Rolex collectors from Switzerland to Singapore and still remains a firm favorite. Current bidding for this precious piece is £3,220 with an estimate of between £4,240 to £5,210.

Happy bidding!

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