CITIZEN Eco-Drive Promaster Professional 1000m


The new PROMASTER Professional 1000m from CITIZEN is decidedly not for the casual desk diver. It’s a watch for those who really want to get their feet wet.

Since its launch in 1989, PROMASTER has been the benchmark for professional watches, withstanding the toughest of conditions, achieving top endurance, and offering numerous superior functions for the AIR, LAND and SEA enthusiasts.

The challenge for these professionals is pushing beyond not just  the physical borders but the mental ones as well, and CITIZEN takes this into consideration when designing each and every element of the watches in its PROMASTER collection.


The new Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000M is ISO compliant and has also passed the qualification for saturation diving. The helium-gas escape valve set at 10 o’clock on the case releases the helium gas that enters the watch in saturation diving to prevent any damage or rupture upon decompression.

Powered by any light using Citizen Eco-Drive technology resulting in continuous reliable timekeeping accuracy. The Power Reserve Indicator lets the owner know how much charge is left so they can enjoy a worry-free diving experience. To achieve an even higher practical functionality, CITIZEN partnered with JAMSTEC*, the research authority in Japan, to test the dial visibility and luminous features in actual wear use.


A 1000M diver’s watch that performs in saturation diving must not only pass the water resistance test but also a test that places the watch for 15 days in a pressurized chamber that contains helium gas (withstand even 100% helium gas) and then tests the watch to make sure that it continues performing within 3 minutes of reverting back to atmospheric pressure. The pressure placed on this timepiece is an unthinkable 125 barometers which demands high durability as well as a reliable water resistance function. To maintain its water resistance function to 1000M, CITIZEN doubled the amount of butyl rubber which keeps its shape for a long-time and minimizes helium entry.


The larger size works to give high water resistance performance with the spherical shaped crystal, the crown, the air release valve, etc. The Eco- Drive PROMASTER is the world’s first 1000M diver’s watch that can perform in saturation diving with a light-powered movement.


The clam shell case design is made from CITZEN’s proprietary titanium material, Super Titanium™ in combination with “Duratect MRK”* (surface hardening technology) significantly improves not only the scratch/wear-proof feature but also the shock resistance. The watch retails at $2,300.

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