Citizen Launches Its First Range of Clocks For The Home and The Office


Not content with being one of the most highly regarded of Japanese watch brands, Citizen has just announced the upcoming launch of Citizen Clocks, offering a refreshing take on the clock market.

Citizen seeks to cater to consumers seeking a more modern and edgy designs when it comes to clock. Launching in Fall 2017, this novelty category will comprise five key collections; Decorative Accents, Workplace, Gallery, Outdoor and Executive Suite. The collections provide tabletop and wall styles that look to complement both home and office décor.

“Our clocks focus on innovative design and superior materials which complement our watch assortment. With a 360-degree brand offering, we have created a one-stop shopping experience for our valued retail partners with a beautifully assorted collection.” Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America


Through the use of high-end materials such as solid wood, crystal, leather and metals, Citizen clocks differentiate themselves with techniques such as 3D printing on the dials to enhance the markers and logo for easier readability and detail. The clocks are inspired by some of the brand’s most popular watches, creating an array of high-end décor accessories.


The clock collection will be available online and in-store this fall, with prices ranging from $105 to $250. Citizen also plans to continue to expand the clock category with some of the brand’s most recognized technologies and designs from their collections.

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