Datejust Or Bust: A Warning From History


As you probably know, the Swiss have plenty of traditions, and one of them is for things to go a little quiet in the watch industry in the month of August while brand professionals take a well-earned break. With hard watch news temporarily on a slower drip feed, we thought we would fill the void with some entertainment from yesteryear.

Long before Netflix and catchup TV, Dad ruled the remote, and so even if a young girl wanted to watch the flickering screen it would be showing nothing but a steady diet of sport, news or What’s My Line.

To entertain herself, a young lady would buy comic books. Boys did too, but they were all about war of superheroes. Girls bought comics about romance.

Invariably the stories would revolve around snagging a man for marriage, planning for her wedding day, dealing with being jilted, compulsorily weeping in jealousy and frustration, but eventually engineering a happy ending.

Of course, today we know women are not at all like that, so if we ran such a story now men would have trouble comprehending these curious feelings of jealousy and frustration not to mention the lack of plastic spending power being expressed by the lady in his life. Therefore, we have adapted our romantic tale especially for a modern watch loving audience. With these important changes, we believe you will relate to some of the vexing issues our heroine encounters on her path to true love. Enjoy.






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