DWW: “If you come seeking status, don’t come to see us” Interview with Max Büsser, CEO of MB&F


Watchuseek had the pleasure to spend some time with Max Büsser, CEO and creative mind behind MB&F.

Max speaks very candidly about watch industry and 10th anniversary of MB&F.  He reflects on the current state of affairs, ups and down of the watch market.  Ultimately, he states he would rather maintain his integrity and go broke than compromise his artistic vision.  He passionately states “Watchmaking is about expressing yourself”.


In fact his interview was full of brilliant quotes:

He discusses integrity and marketing with quote like “if you come seeking status, don’t come to see us”.

He gives advice to future and current watch collectors that “journey is as important as the goals” or when you buy a watch from an independent watch maker, you buy the “intrinsic story of the creator”.  Always ask the question of why this watch was made and dig deeper rather than take things at face value.

He discusses the artistic side of watch making by stating “creating is a hard drug”.  He also states that “MB&F produces 23-24 watches a month, and what Patek produces in six days, we produce in ten years!”

About bringing diverse artists to his M.A.D gallery “those are the orphans we welcome in our orphanage”.

Finally Max shares his plan for the next year and his new M.A.D gallery opening on November 16th in Dubai. Middle East was a non-existent market 3-4 years ago, and thanks to Instagram, it now consumes  18% of  MB&F’s total sales.