Exit The Dragon: Kung Fu Legend Derek Kiang Leaves Verticalscope


Tomorrow, Friday,  we say goodbye to Verticalscope Vendor Account Executive, (to give him his official title), Derek Kiang. Derek is leaving the company after 2.5 years of introducing a wide variety of new brands to Watchuseek readers via this blog. Getting fledgling watch brands to spend money on articles and advertising is a constant challenge, yet it’s what keeps the lights on at Watchuseek. Many a time when you have seen a previously unheard of watch you liked or even loved on this site in the last couple of years, the chances are unsung hero Derek tracked them down and introduced them. That surely deserves a vote of thanks in the Comments Box.

But what few people know is that Derek has successfully Kickstarted his own action packed kickass Kung Fu thriller. Called Vertical Uprise, the movie is set in the early swinging 70’s, the heyday of Golden Harvest produced Bruce Lee movies that took the world by storm.

Complete with dodgy acting, glaring anachronisms and badly out of sync dubbed English, the movie revolves around a genuine Louis Vuitton belt that is stolen from our hero, played by Derek himself.


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Produced by Verticalscope maverick Jordan Marrison, (who plays a token gweilo* baddie) and with a plot thinner than a Citizen Eco-Drive Stiletto, Derek is forced to uphold the honor of Verticalscope and at the same time keep his beltless pants up. There’s lots of fake blood, slow motion mid-air leaps, a mortuary filling body count, and of course, gratuitous scenes of bad guys chewing kung fu slipper kicks to the face. These, of course, are accompanied by the whoops and hollers that are the hallmark of every low budget Kung Fu movie you have ever seen.


He’s a belter: Derek’s anger boils over when he’s forced to wear a fake Levi’s belt from a street vendor

Watch lovers will doubtless notice several scenes where the camera tends to linger perhaps a little too long on Derek’s watch clad wrist. New scene, new Kickstarter watch. A chunky chronograph while slurping down noodles, a minimalist dress watch while pensively stroking his chin, or a funky concept watch while executing his one inch punch.  At one point Derek answers a Nokia 6110 hand phone; never mind that the movie is set in the 70s and the phone wasn’t around till the ‘90s, it does at least give us several tense moments to study Derek’s most treasured watch, his Rolex.

We take this opportunity to thank Derek for his relentless ‘Vertical Uprise’ in Watchuseek readership figures and wish him all the best for the future.  He will be missed.


*Gweilo = White Devil