Farewell to the Maestro: Raymond Weil Dies Aged 87


Founder of one of the last remaining independent family watch brands, Mr. Raymond Weil, Honorary President of Raymond Weil Geneve, passed away peacefully on Sunday January 26, 2014. He was 87 years of age.

Raymond Weil had the courage to open for business when the Swiss watch industry was in the midst of the quartz crisis. His vision was to create high quality watches with superior design at affordable prices.

“Raymond Weil was a self-made man. He was my mentor and I learned so much from him. His legacy and enthusiasm will live on through our family, his Brand, its team over the world and all of those who wear the watch that bears his name.” Olivier Bernheim, President & CEO of Raymond Weil

Mr. Weil was instrumental in the international development of the Swiss watchmaking industry during a key period when the industry needed to be renewed. He travelled the world and became an exceptional ambassador for the city of Geneva and for Switzerland. He knew how to create a personal, professional and most importantly a friendly connection in his approach of the business.

Raymond Weil Geneve is one of the few watch brands to bear the name of the founder and still operate as a family business. His son-in-law Olivier Bernheim is at the helm and two grandsons Elie and Pierre Bernheim (also founders of 88 Rue du Rhone) are the chief officers of the company today.

In his time Weil was President of the Geneva Watchmaker Union, Vice-President of the Watchmaking Industry Training Centre (CFH), and member of the Watchmaking Federation (FH) and other employers’ associations. Until 1995, he was also President of the Exhibitors Committee of the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair. Beyond watchmaking his passions included classical and lyrical music which is why so many of the watches in the Raymond Weil collection have operatic names.

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