Fashion Icon Bianca Mosca Re-launches After Near 70-year Gap


After a near 70-year hiatus, the Bianca Mosca fashion brand, noted for its meticulously handmade alligator skin bags, wallets and accessories, is to be revived by London based fashion entrepreneurs Tim de Rosen and Leslie Kent.

Coinciding with its re-launch, the brand is making available an online made-to-order (MTO) service for wallets, cardholders, pouches and bracelets made from prime Louisiana alligator leather.

Bianca Mosca’s new website allows clients to customize their order online and provides a multitude of choices including selecting the color of alligator skin, stitching and linings.

“Each product is made entirely by hand in our French workshops including traditional saddle stitching. Each piece takes from 5 to 10 hours of labor by experienced artisans employing solely time established methods”. Tim de Rosen, Bianca Mosca

Customers can choose from 14 colors for the alligator skins in both matte and shiny finishes that range from Matte Beige to Shiny Emerald Green to Shiny Electric Blue. There is also a large number of options from which to choose the stitching color, including Sky Blue and Vermilion Orange, and many other color choices for the “Mysore” goatskin linings as well.

Armed with Bianca Mosca’s MTO service, customers have over a thousand different color combinations to choose from and a further option to emboss their initials on each item, making this a one-of-a-kind service.

The company’s founder, Madame Bianca Mosca, moved to London in 1940 having worked closely with her cousin the legendary couturier Elsa Schiaparelli at her salon in Paris.

Madame Mosca was one of the few female designers behind the founding of the prestigious Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers in 1942. The House of Bianca Mosca was founded in 1946 with the backing of British aristocrat the 9th Earl of Jersey. Madame Mosca sadly passed away in Paris in 1950. After her untimely demise the House was shuttered until its recent re-launch by de Rosen and Kent.

At Bianca Mosca, only prime and unblemished alligator skins are used. Skins are sourced carefully from farmed American Louisiana alligators, which are listed as being of “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. All of the skins used by Bianca Mosca comply fully with internationally recognized REACH and CITES regulations and conventions. Finished skins are tested chemically and are guaranteed to be free of toxins including Chrome VI and Formaldehyde. Further performance testing ensures that finished products are UV and Water Resistant helping to ensure strength and longevity.

All Bianca Mosca products carry an unlimited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, demonstrating Bianca Mosca’s complete confidence in the quality of its products.

Visit the Bianca Mosca website