You indulge your passion for watches all year round, but there is a day set aside in the calendar when you are expected to indulge your passion for your patient and indulgent other half. It’s called Valentine’s Day and it falls on February 14, a little more than a month away.

Now this may come as something of a shock, but many women do not share your obsession for mechanical watches. If you are married or dating one of these ladies you need to bear in mind that women always expect a lot from men on this holiday in particular. It’s no coincidence that if you drop the ‘w’ from women you are left with ‘omen’.

Tissot feel they have got it just right this year with a watch they call simply Pinky. Its feminine appeal is in its curved 316L stainless steel case and its fine features, with mother-of-pearl and diamonds on the dial adding further elegance and allure to the piece.

The watch comes on a bright red leather strap, which provides the clue as to where the watch gets its name. Tissot believes this watch will be more than just a watch in her eyes but something that she will cherish and hold dear for a long time to come.

It was Tissot stablemate Blancpain that once famously stated that no Blancpain watch has ever featured a quartz movement and that it never will, however Tissot have no such ambitions, and so the movement in this watch is Swiss quartz. With this watch Tissot are certain your messages of love, passion and care will come across and will not be forgotten. That’s assuming you don’t forget.

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