GoS Is All The Goss In The New York Times


Last month, Swedish watchmakers GoS Watches had a full half page feature written about them in The New York Times, and despite what President Trump may think, the New York Times is not noted for peddling fake news. The full article is also available online.

The piece was written by journalist Penelope Colston, and explains that GoS was founded in 2007 by watchmaker Patrik Sjogren and Damascus Steel forging expert Johan Gustafsson. Three, yes, three of their gorgeous limited edition Watchuseek watches are still available from a total edition of just 5.  GoS, already acknowledged as the “Kings of Damascus steel in horology” have just 3 created the Watchuseek edition of the GoS Sarek in multiple color alternatives and the watch is distinguished by its custom engraving on the hand finished rotor. Here they are in all their glory.




The watch comes in a newly designed watch box made from solid Walnut, designed by GoS and crafted by Kanevad wood artisans. Accompanying each watch is a full color book about the Swedish laplands. One look at its high gloss pages, featuring the unusual waterways of the Lapland terrain, and you will immediately understand the inspiration for the watch dials, and the incredible accuracy with which the unique Damascus steel patterns imitate nature.

Eight years ago, former Watchuseek owner Ernie Romers was the first watch journalist to feature GoS, and so anyone who invests in one of the three remaining Sarek watches is investing in a little Watchuseek history and being true to their (watch forum) school. The price for the limited editions is $7,200.

So far, GoS models have been shipped to every continent except Antarctica. The brand now turns out 30 watches a year and are aiming for 50, an increase owed in part to the Sarek’s success.

In addition to appearing in The New York Times, Patrik also has a starring role in the new blockbuster movie ‘Bhanu 2: The Shining, soon to be hitting a You Tube screen near you.

 “After a grueling series of auditions I was lucky enough to be chosen for a small role in this every expense spared movie and I am dying to see it. It was a lot of hard work but after fully understanding my motivation I felt able to act the part.” Patrik Sjogren, GoS Watchmaker and star of Bhanu 2: The Shining.

For more information about the Sarek x Watchuseek watches, contact Patrik at patrik.sjogren@goswatches.com