Handmade in Finnish Silence: Rönkkö Icarus Bi-Hemispheric Moon Complication

Rönkkö Icarus

You heard right, handmade in Finnish silence. With a decidedly Stepan Sarpeneva influence, the Rönkkö* Icarus Bi-Hemispheric Moon Complication displays the position of the moon in the two hemispheres with a dial divided horizontally into a northern and southern half.

The Greek myth of Icarus has been referenced in centuries of art, literature, and design. For eons the myth has been told as a cautionary tale where emotion clouds judgement. We forget that Icarus was also warned not to fly too low, because seawater would ruin the lift in his wings. Flying too low is even more dangerous than flying too high, since it feels deceptively safe. In other words, we rarely if ever hear: ‘Don’t be too humble’. ‘Don’t be too quiet’. ‘Don’t play it too safe.’  Too often we remain in a safe comfort zone throughout life never realizing our full potential.

In the Rönkkö Icarus Bi-Hemispheric Moon Complication, the legend of flying Icarus rising and falling is visible in the dial. In this case Icarus takes a fall, but will rise to the top as well.

The position of the moon and its phases are opposite on both sides of the planet earth. That´s the reason Icarus features a display that allows to see the position of the moon in the northern (on the top half of the dial) and southern (on the bottom half of the dial) hemispheres. Rönkkö´s In-house complication features two multi-faceted 10.5 mm Icarus moon talismans, displayed in an arched aperture that runs on the entire upper and lower half of the dial. The moon disc is engraved with precise constellations, North Star Polaris being the pole in the center of the dial, as seen in the night sky.

In the northern hemisphere aperture the full moon displays at the 12 o´clock position and the black moon at 9 o´clock, the moon disc rotating counterclockwise.

Simultaneously in the southern hemisphere aperture the full moon displays at 6 o´clock position and black moon at 3 o´clock, the moon disc rotating counterclockwise. The Icarus moon talisman itself measures 10.5 mm and is crafted with over 180 facets. The moon talisman is made of electrum – an ancient alloy of gold and silver fused together.

The Silver Sky Edition comprises 10 pieces and comes with two Icarus moon phase talismans in the blue dial side; an additional talisman is in free-rotation at the middle of the labyrinthine rotor in an open case back coated with sapphire glass. The Icarus comes on a matte black strap of genuine alligator leather.

The stainless-steel hands are coated with Swiss Super Luminova, matching the case. All the stars in the dial and six of the hour indexes are luminous in the dark. Rönkkö branding is quietly engraved straight inside the sapphire crystal with high definition. The silent signature of the maker is visible only at certain angles. The ICARUS Silver Sky Edition retails for €15,400, excluding VAT.

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*Moderator Brad Bokkean points out that this Rönkkö watch is in no way, shape or form related to the more prosaic Austin, Texas based Ronco brand of Veg-O-Matic Deluxe  fame.