HYT H0 Collection

HYT H0 Collection

As anyone who has been to Baselworld will attest, all life on earth is dependent upon plenty of fluid. This truth inspired HYT to focus on the continuous movement of a colored and transparent fluid within a capillary on the HYT H0 Collection. This display system gives the impression that it is levitating and offers new and intuitive perspectives on how to read and interact with both time and space.



With a large part of the movement hidden underneath a curved dial — suggesting the concentric waves formed by drops of water repeatedly falling into the basin of a water clock — HYT is re-engaging with magic and mystery, and with the source of life.

For its new H0 collection, HYT has reworked its design. Pared down to the essential, only a section is revealed to provide a better understanding of the sophistication of the systems within. Only a fraction of the bellows is revealed through drop-shape openings in the surface of the dial. The minimalist design of the titanium piece focusses the attention on the artistic, spectacular dimensions of the fluid display.



By basing the volume of the H0 on the circle, the droplet, and waves, HYT reinforces its belief in the fundamental principle that space and time are one.

With its futuristic design, the minutes can be read via a hand positioned at 12 o’clock and the seconds via a small counter at 9 o’clock. The cutaway at 2 o’clock enables the power reserve level to be viewed.

The assembly is magnified by a sapphire crystal which offers a completely new perspective, that of a side-on display. The H0 comes on a supple rubber strap, with its fixings integrated into the case middle so the flow of its lines continues uninterrupted, ensuring it is supremely comfortable to wear.

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