Kickstarter: UK brand Objest launches a customizable automatic Hach watch

Objest-watches-main-image-black-black marble 1

Hip British watch marque Objest, founded by Jared Mankelow following 14 years of collaborating with the likes of top design stores Conran, Tangerine and Ideo, is a new premium lifestyle brand. London based Objest is immersed in design, art, architecture and culture with worldly-wise and fashion conscious customers.

Following on from the success of its first quartz movement collection (Hach) in December 2015, Objest is now revamping its offering to offer a customizable automatic model, now on Kickstarter since September 27th and already achied over 50% of its funding goal.

While the mechanism within may have seen a revamp, the model and aesthetic remains true to Objest’s original aesthetic sensibilities: a genial, playful design combined with the finest materials and Swiss craftmanship.

The new model Hach features an ETA automatic mechanism found in the likes of the Breitling Windrider and Rolex Submariner, which affords it a pleasing weightiness, eliminates the need for batteries, and guarantees a system that will last down the decades. The watch is totally customizable; from the second hand to the bezel and the buckle, the new Hach is designed to reflect individual taste and add a touch of color to any outfit. And while original features such as the timeless criss-cross face still remain a staple choice, Objest has also added a new dotted dial into the mix.


“The new automatic version of Hach is designed to be a simple, contemporary timepiece,” says. We come from a product design background so we think about how we can use processes and techniques from designing other products. It’s important that we have simple stories to tell about the dial design or how we’ve designed the hands. Being Swiss, customizable and contemporary are also important aspects as we move into a phase of consumers wanting more input in the design of premium products and experiences” Jared Mankelow, Founder, Objest

Objest’s aim is to provide a high-quality, well-designed and personal timekeeping experience to a wide audience at an affordable price.

Objest is launching the new Swiss automatic Hach on Kickstarter on Tuesday 27th September. Early bird pledges for the watch are set at £290.00