Kickstarter: VIRATA unleashes the VRT 1.7 and VRT 1.8

Virata Kickstarter

Regular visitors to Watchuseek will by now be familiar with VIRATA. It’s a watch brand developed by Ohio based Patrick Wacks;  by day a mild mannered Engineer, by night an impassioned watchmaker creating watches that look and feel best behind the wheel of a humming, throbbing high horsepower automobile.



Now Patrick proudly introduces his latest additions to the VIRATA stable, the VIRATA VRT1.7 and VRT1.8. And as Patrick confidently asserts, there is no other watch case like it. So much so that the patent office agrees with him, as the watch case design is patented – and that’s no easy achievement.

“My passion to create VIRATA stemmed from my love for watches and the idea that one can achieve their dream, if that dream is pursued.” Patrick Wacks

Like all the best stories from Marvel super hero comics, Patrick was living a quiet unassuming life as a watch lover, but he had become bored with the shape of watches on the market, be they round, square or rectangular. One night two years ago, feeling restless, he grabbed a pencil and some paper and started sketching designs for his own cases. He thought to himself, something better had to exist. Over and over again he found himself drawing truly unique and highly geometric case designs, all of them different from the norm.  After countless sketches, sustained only by passion and strong coffee, (as well as positive feedback from watch enthusiasts), Patrick felt ready to launch the VRT1, an abbreviation for VIRATA and the 1 representing the first model of the brand.

The next step was to find a manufacturer capable of reproducing his design. Once identified he went straight into prototyping the highly complex cases.

The new cases are no exception. They require four times the polishing by hand due to the multiple facets and unique angles. The VRT1.7 and VRT1.8 come in black PVD and Rose Gold PVD finishes. With its unique facets and angles, there is no other watch case quite like it. Guaranteed.


VRT1.7 Outside

Water proof to 100 meters, the 1.7 features a carbon fiber dial, with a 316L stainless steel case. Both watches are coated with long lasting Swiss Superluminova Lume, and are mounted on a quality leather strap. Sapphire crystal is used both front and back, while the watches are powered by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.



With the same properties as the V1.7, the VRT1.8 features a Rose Gold PVD 316L stainless steel case, sandwich dial (numbers and hours markers are cut out of the dial, creating depth to the dial).Both watches come with a one year warranty.


Early bird pledges start at $465.00 The watches will retail at $700 when they go on the market.


Visit the VIRATA Kickstarter page