Design Your Own Masterpiece with the Laurent Ferrier Galet Secret App

Laurent Ferrier Galet Secret Tourbillon

Laurent Ferrier and his team have just unveiled their first app featuring the Galet Secret Tourbillon Double Hairspring, the bespoke piece of the collection. This new app is designed to offer all users the opportunity to envision their ultimate tailor-made timepiece.

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External parts can be selected from  the  menu  such  as  cases  or  straps.  A full variety  of dials is available in the app’s library, including sky of birth, constellation, zodiac sign, city, detail of ancient or contemporary painting, family crest, animals, etc. Once selection achieved, the customer’s design is directly sent to Laurent Ferrier. With this app the future owner is fully engaged in the creation process.

Design ideas  can  then  be  discussed  with  Mr.  Ferrier  who  will  help define the appropriate artistic craft technique to realize the customer’s express wishes. If some dial ideas are not contained within the  existing  library,  Laurent  Ferrier’s  authorized  dealers  have  access  to  a  version allowing  to  add pictures into the app, providing even greater opportunities to create.

The application can be downloaded on The Apple store, look for LAURENT FERRIER or GALET SECRET, or simply click here.

The app is available to all territories; however you should make sure to have the New IOS on the Apple app store and not the android app store.

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 Main pic courtesy The Watch Exchange