Manufacture Royale ADN Street Art Collection


Street Art has become a valuable commodity in recent years, but you will need deep pockets to enjoy the Manufacture Royale Street Art collection. It taps into contemporary artistic expression, and each unique Street Art timepiece is one of a kind, costing a street cool $73,500.

Employing water transfer printing, a medium from which infinite custom designs are possible, the Manufacture Royale ADN (DNA in French) Street Art Collection runs on the MR10, Manufacture Royale’ s tenth caliber, reinterpreting the art of ‘skeleton’ movements, complete with a one-minute flying tourbillon on silicone ball bearings, in a resolutely contemporary vision.


 For its latest collection, Manufacture Royale finds inspiration in today’s street art. The ADN Street Art collection plays with a concept found in Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary: “a chaos of clear ideas.” This phrase illustrates the notion of a visually “clear” method of telling time offset by the “chaos” of individualized creative artistic expression.

Made up of several overlapping squares, each superimposed printed frame becomes one with the composition. Using the technique of water transfer printing, a water soluble film with a printed motif is placed on the water’s surface in a vat. Then, an activator is added, dissolving the film that the motif is printed on, leaving only the ink on the surface of the water. After the movement components have been placed in the water, the ink wraps around them and adheres. Once removed from the vat, the components are rinsed and rhodium plated.  The resulting unique water transfer printed components artfully highlight the skeleton movement’s architecture and define each one-of-a-kind timepiece.


Housed within the case, which combines elements of Manufacture Royale’s first two collections, the Opera and Androgyne, each unique movement is perfectly framed. The mobile lugs pivot on the case formed by two lateral stretcher pieces enclosing the middle, whose round bezel is held by 12 screws. Despite the sizeable 46mm diameter of the watch, with no fewer than 67 components, it fits comfortably on the wrist.

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