How Memomem Captures Moments And Memories In A Watch


When it comes to customization, Memomem puts you, the customer, right in the designer’s driving seat. While the demand for customization is sweeping the world for everything from tee shirts to sneakers, never before has it been seen on such a scale as that offered by Memomem. The brand offers over 17 trillion design combinations, so it’s safe to say your watch will be truly unique to you.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the idea behind Memomem is not only can the bezel, crown, dial, hands and case be customized, but you’re also able to put your own personal stamp, or more accurately, message, on the watch by using their engraving service. Whether it be a name on the side of the watch, or a message, lyric or date along the inner ring, Memomem offers a tailor-made gift for you or your loved ones – a personalized capsule to share a memorable occasion or special sentiment.


With these unisex watches, customization varies from color options, text and hands with a total of 15 different adaptable aspects you choose as you create your own design. Multiple color options are available at your fingertips via their seamless online platform. Text can be added in the dial or on the side of the watch case taking personalization to a whole new level. The hour and minute hands are fitted with GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) tubes – a light source combining tritium and phosphors to create light allowing for visibility whenever needed in the dark without the use of external energy. It’s safe, reliable and everlasting, and it can last for up to 25 years.


Memomem watchmaking originates in Switzerland, with the M1 movement designed by Swiss partner Orimpex. Every watch complies with Swiss regulation as “Swiss Made” and is 100% hand assembled from movement to complete watch. The movement is skeletonized and features 24 jewels, a 36 hour power reserve and is housed within a marine grade 316L stainless steel case.



Water resistant up to 100m, and teamed with an FKM rubber strap, the MMM range provides comfortable daily wear as well as resilient quality timepieces, designed to handle most potential environmental hazards including acid, oil and heat. All finished pieces are then shipped directly to your door by courier.

Marrying traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, Memomem strive to embrace individuality and encourage you to create a timepiece celebrating your own character and lifestyle.

The Hong Kong based team of entrepreneurs behind Memomem have worked with watch companies since the 1980s, with expertise in product development, art design, engineering, industrial manufacturing, project management and brand building. The name Memomem stems from “Me, Moment and Memory” tying into the company’s design philosophy that every watch should have its own story. Prices start at just $449.

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