Moritz Grossmann, the movie

Moritz Grossmann

The good people at Saxony based manufacture Moritz Grossmann are extremely keen for you to see their latest movie, which shows the loving care with which each watch is assembled by a smiling, loupe wearing bench technician. Or, to put it in the words of Moritz Grossmann, this three minute movie imparts the complete creation process of their time pieces and the exceptional skills of their watch makers.

Carl Moritz Grossmann was the son of a mail sorter. He was born in Dresden on March 27 1826. There, he attended the Technical College for two years after having graduated from elementary school. Moritz Grossmann was fascinated by technology and the complexity of timepieces. Eager to discover new methods, he became a journeyman in 1846 (ironically, just one year after Ferdinand Adolph Lange had founded A. Lange & Sohne, in Moritz Grossmann’s native Saxony, where Lange successfully trained the locals in the craft of watchmaking).

Moritz Grossmann set out to travel the world in order to acquire horological know-how. After sojourns in Hamburg and Munich, he was drawn to La Chaux-de-Fonds, the hub of Swiss watchmaking. He returned to Dresden in 1854 after stopovers in England, France, Denmark, and Sweden. Upon his arrival, he fulfilled a dream and established his own atelier. Also acclaimed as an award-winning technical author, he began to craft pocket watches, pendulum clocks, and precision measuring instruments — from innovative details to complete movements.

In 1878, he initiated the German School of Watchmaking and outlined the curriculum. The art of watchmaking was his greatest passion. He died unexpectedly on 23 January 1885 after delivering a speech about the introduction of World Time. Thereafter, his atelier was liquidated.

Christine Hutter

More than 100 years later, watchmaker Christine Hutter discovered the heritage of Moritz Grossmann in Glashütte and established a new manufacture. Today, this is where ancestral craftsmanship is reinterpreted with modern technology. The beginning of a new era in the name of Moritz Grossmann: Origin of a new time.

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