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Watchuseek signs up with CloudFlare

Watchuseek signs up with CloudFlare

22 - 05 - 2013 | 22:28

Dear friends, within appr. 24 hours our DNS servers are being taken over by a service called CloudFlare. Here's why:

"Dear all, many of you have noticed that due to the high traffic and the popularity of watchuseek the speed of the forums sometimes decreases on certain times. You may also have noticed that the popularity attracted a lot of spammers and spam bots. (The all time high in visits this week was a result to such a bot attack.)

This is why we have decided to sign up with CloudFlare (Home | CloudFlare | The web performance & security company)!

Basically this means that we expect a much less drop down in speed (the site will load from a place near you) and less spam. BUT, you may experience a slight change in the log in procedure as we all know it. 

Therefore, please read the below carefully and make sure you understand what (and why) might happen:

* We will be using a service called CloudFlare to protect and speed up the WUS forums, which should improve page loading times and sharply reduce the number of active spammers.

* You may get a challenge page before you granted access to the site to make sure you are a human and not a spambot. (

* Only a small number of you will see the challenge page. Sometimes the challenge is intermittent (to interfere with automated bots attacking WUS). Sometimes the challenge is based on your IP address having been flagged as possibly suspicious.

* You can still access the forum by passing the challenge, and you can send a message through the challenge page to request whitelisting of your IP address. Whitelisting will reduce the probability of being challenged in the future. 

* The challenge page will also appear if there are indications that your machine is infected with a computer virus or malware. (The best thing to do is to run an anti-virus scan on your machine as a precaution if you have been challenged.)

* Sometimes there are false positives on determining suspicious IPs. This is most common when you is coming from a shared network like an office, college network or coffee shop. What this means is that although your computer isn't infected, someone else on the same network does/did have an issue. Your community member should run an anti-virus scan as a precaution. If there is no virus or malware, then they can pass the challenge to access the forum. The data set will refine over time.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being part of Watchuseek!

Best regards,

on behalf of the Watchuseek Team,
Ernie Romers, site owner"


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