Limited Edition ‘Speedy Tuesday’ OMEGA Speedmaster sells out online in 6 hours

OMEGA Speedmaster

Traditionally OMEGA has sold its watches exclusively through its appointed authorized dealers. But now, a special promotion on Instagram this week linking directly back to OMEGA’s own website, has seen a limited-edition OMEGA Speedmaster called ‘Speedy Tuesday’ sell out in just a few hours.

#Speedy Tuesday is an online community created by watch blog website Fratello Watches where members share information about their Speedmasters.

Appropriately on offer yesterday, Tuesday, 2012 pieces of the £4,100 ‘Speedy Tuesday’ Speedmasters were made available online. They lived up to their name by speedily selling out  within 24 hours. By Wednesday morning, the OMEGA/ SpeedyTuesday web page declared: ‘For the moment, all numbers have been temporarily allocated’

According to the #speedytuesday Instagram page, the watch was first promoted on Tuesday, but actually sold out within just six hours.

OMEGA Speedmaster

The Speedy Tuesday limited edition design was inspired by Omega’s Speedmaster “Alaska Project III” model, created for NASA in 1978.

At the time, NASA insisted that the watch had to be both anti-reflective and easy-to-read, or in other words so as to be suitable for use in space.

The ‘Speedy Tuesday’ OMEGA Speedmaster has stayed true to these specifications with a brushed matte-finish stainless steel case and large radial numerals on the sub-dials.

The new and already sold out watch bears a close resemblance to its 1978 counterpart, but now that OMEGA has had a taste of how fast watches can sell online, we may well witness more limited edition ‘online’ only versions start to appear.  The trick will be being speedy enough to put in an order for one.