RALF TECH WRX 1963 Automatic California LE Watches


In the 1930s, the United States was emerging from a global economic crisis. It was a period full of hope and ambition. With the arrival of Franklin Roosevelt in power, Americans were galvanized in a rush back to the top thanks to a new economic and social plan known as The New Deal.


To offer a tribute to this time, Ralf Tech decided to present two atypical timepieces based on the aesthetic codes of watchmaking of the 1930s.

The ‘California’  dial was nicknamed the “error proof radium dial” in the 1930s. Such design was characterized by its large diameter and its mixture of large Roman and Arabic numerals. Used by military units, this touch of originality was intended solely to improve accuracy and optimize the readability of the dial. Whether sideways or upside down, reading the dial could never be difficult!

Fast forward to the 1980s, and Japan experienced extraordinary economic growth. Since the Japanese are great fans of vintage watches, many of them dreamt of possessing the famous “no error” dial timepiece. The purists then thought of returning to the source to find some fine examples, in California, in the hope of acquiring one of these legendary pieces.

This new Ralf Tech comes in 2 styles equipped with an automatic movement RT002: a matt micro-blasted surgical steel and a black micro-blasted steel are issued in an ultra limited series of 2 x 33 pieces globally.

Supported by a vintage Havana calf bracelet hand stitched in the French Jura, its aged look reinforces the authentic spirit of the WRX « V » Automatique « California ».

The WRX “California” is available now at Ralf Tech outlets worldwide but their extremely limited production run means they will be hard to get hold of. The Ralf Tech collection is available in the UK at Sincrono.


RALF TECH WRX “V” 1963 Automatic California Limited Edition

SKU: WRX 2204




RALF TECH WRX “V” 1963 Automatic California Black Limited Edition

SKU: WRX 2205