Review: ARAGON Parma T-100


ARAGON Watches were kind enough to send me their new Parma T-100 watch with 14 tritium tubes for review. The watch arrives in a sturdy blue watch box with a section to store spare straps and tools. Each watch comes with one of these boxes, so even if you decided to pledge just $200 you still get a good case to store the watch.

As they had packed not one, but two spare straps in this section, I quickly decided to swap the stainless-steel bracelet for the chunky brown leather strap. This was easily achieved with the strap changing tool which perfectly fits the hex head screws.

If you like your dive watches with a certain amount of heft, this is definitely the watch for you. The watch weighs 10.8 ounces, so you’ll know when you have it on.

It’s a quality strap too, with the Aragon logo on the buckle. It’s comfortable to wear, and even after a week of wear it shows no scoring on the strap where the buckle rests.

The screw-down crown has a little logo on the top. This is what we call in the trade attention to detail. You can also observe the crown guards and the hex head screws.

The corrugated texture dial creates a highly legible backdrop for the chunky hands and the day date window at 9 o’ clock. In dark conditions the tritium tubes kick in to light up all the indices. They require no exposure to light or batteries to keep them going. They can glow for up to 25 years.

The watch runs on a 24 jewel SII NH36 movement made by SEIKO, a brand of which many of you may have heard. . It has a 40 hour power reserve, and even if you don’t wear the watch for a few days it will start right away.

We tested the watch in the field, or more accurately, the supermarket, in one of the most exacting situations a watch can be put through. We selected top shelf beers under harsh strip lighting with impatient old men behind us trying to grab a few bargain bottles for themselves. The watch passed with flying colors, skipping not a beat as we loaded Blond Witch refreshment into the cart.

We all know you can take the watch to 200 meters while scuba diving alongside wahoo or dorado in the Indian Ocean, but if you can’t look cool in your watch while stretching for a beer, well, then all is lost.

With just 5 days to go on Kickstarter, the 47mm ARAGON Parma T-100 has been pledged almost three times over its goal, so it’s going to become a reality. You can still grab the watch for as little as $200 for the 14 tube version or $280 for the 31 tube version.

Visit the ARAGON Parma T-100 Kickstarter page