Vario your Natos


Vario straps came about when graphic designer Ivan Chua grew morose at the monotony of monochrome Natos. He decided the practical, versatile Nato could do with a professional designer makeover. Now the somewhat staid and stuffy one color Nato has broken out in patterns, plaids, camos, chevrons and even a few pyramids to create a new vocabulary for the tried and trusted strap. The result is a selection of bands that reflect myriad moods, and put some variety into your watch wear.





Designed in Singapore, the straps come in 3 sizes, 18, 20 and 22mm and currently there’s a selection of 10 straps in a variety of colors and design concepts.



Ivan put the prospect of multi-colored Natos onto Kickstarter and the project now has a green light with over S$5,709 dollars raised since March. So now that Vario is fully funded there is the opportunity to liven up your lugs with a profusion of cool designs. The straps will retail at $26.00.

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