Which Watches Should The BBC’s Highest Paid Presenters Buy Based On Their Salaries?

BBC’s Highest Paid

There are certain phenomena you only find in Britain, and nowhere else. Some of these include plastic bowls in kitchen sinks, the odd habit of saying ‘sorry’ instead of ‘excuse me’ when you want to squeeze by, and the beefy beverage known as Bovril. But as from today, you can add another ‘only in Britain’ phenomenon to the list, and that is the publication of the salaries of all the highest paid media presenters working for the BBC.

From today, every BBC presenter who earns £150,000 or more has, by government decree, been named and shamed with his or her salary publicized to the nearest £50,000 a year. Why? Because it is in the public interest to do so due to another unusual British phenomenon whereby every household in the land that owns a TV set must pay an annual license fee. This is what keeps the lights on at the BBC.

Following publication of the salaries, some presenters are smarting over the North Korean style lack of privacy, others are declaring they love their job and would work for less, while most are keeping uncommonly quiet.

Here at Watchuseek, we look at it another way. We have noted the salaries of the top 5 presenters at the BBC to work out what their daily take home pay would be after tax. Accordingly we have looked at what watches they could afford to buy each day with that take home pay. Despite the seemingly bloated salaries, the watches are relatively modest, but don’t forget, they could afford to buy one every single day.

So this is what we have come up with. Prices are all in British sterling, and we have calculated a reasonably accurate after tax take home salary figure for the purposes of our recommendations.




Chris Evans has a bubbly, cheeky chappie persona and hosts the BBC Breakfast Show on Radio 2, the nations’ most listened to radio station. He tried and ultimately failed to be the new face of Top Gear, the hugely popular automotive show, following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson. While heavily into cars, it’s not known if he has a similar passion for watches. He does however love his job so much that he feels he is overpaid to present it.

Salary: £2.2 -£2.5 million

Daily take home pay after tax: £4,650

The watch he could afford: IWC Inginieur


The Inginieur is a series of watches renowned for extreme resistance to shock and changes of temperature, just as well considering Chris Evans has a penchant for stripping naked on live TV.  IWC Schaffhausen joined a host of Swiss watchmaking manufacturers competing to create the world’s first bi-directional automatic movement by introducing the Inginieur in 1955. Cost of watch: £4,650




Gary Lineker is the long serving host of Match of the Day, or MOTD  for short. It’s the BBC’s premier football (soccer) program. A former England international striker and the third all-time leading scorer for England, Gary promised to appear in his underwear at the end of the 2015/2016 football season if his favorite team, unfancied Leicester City, won the league. Well, sure enough they did, so he duly presented the top-rated show in his underpants. His high salary shown here does not include the large sums he receives for advertising a popular brand of British potato chips.

Salary: £1.75 million – £1.79 million

Daily take home pay after tax: £3,608

The watch he could afford: TAG Heuer Connected 2017


Labelled a ‘computer on the wrist’, this timepiece offers a sizeable 46mm in diameter; the case and lugs are made with grade 2 titanium finished with a PVD coated bezel. The dial features three optional interactive digital watch faces complete with a sapphire crystal touch screen, perfect for receiving Saturday afternoon football results. Cost of watch: £3,500




Graham Norton came to prominence as a stand-up comedian, but these days is better known as a genial TV chat show host, well known to several Hollywood A list celebrities who appear on The Graham Norton Show to talk about their latest movies. Noted for his caustic wit, his interviews are sometimes not the reverential, celebrity worshipping appearances some A listers are used to.

Salary: £850,000 – £899,999

Daily take home pay after tax: £1,773

The watch he could afford: Raymond Weil Freelancer


The Raymond Weil Freelancer is entirely appropriate for Graham because his salary does not include payment for his chat show. That is taken care of by an outsourced production company for whom Graham freelances. The Freelancer collection is designed for the modern watch wearer, keen to assert their style with a touch of elegance. This collection features robust Mens watches and chronographs, alongside sleek and feminine Ladies watches. Freelancers are perfect for every situation. Cost of watch: £1,750




Jeremy Vine hosts his eponymously named topical news and music show each day on BBC Radio 2. Members of the public are invited to call in with their views on any number of controversial topics. He is known for his direct interview style with politicians and officials which can ruffle a few feathers. He also does exclusive reporting from war-torn areas throughout Africa and is the BBC’s ‘swingometer’ expert on all Election Night Specials in the UK.

Salary: £700,000-£749,999

Daily take home pay after tax: £1,468

The watch he could afford: Maurice Lacroix Pontos


The Pontos collection features some of Maurice Lacroix’s most innovative design’s. Pontos watches subtly blend rigor and creativity with Swiss watchmaking tradition. In turn Jeremy exercises a subtle blend of rigor and civility during his interviews. Cost of watch: £1,375




John Humphrys is the BBC’s political Rottweiler, and has been for three decades. He co-presents Radio 4’s Today program and regularly shreds inefficient or bungling politicians during his 8:20am interview slot. With members of the public he can be avuncular, but if he senses a hypocritical, self-serving politician or high roller he wastes no time in going for the jugular. So much so that it is often difficult to find spokesmen willing to talk to him over the phone.

Salary: £600,000 – £649,999

Daily take home pay after tax: £1,430

The watch he could afford: Longines Evidenza


The Evidenza collection combines the tonneau case of a 1911 Longines model with the specific design of a 1925 piece to create a timeless watch. John says his time as a Today presenter could be drawing to a close, but as yet there is no definitive ‘evidenza’ he is actually going to hang up his headphones. Cost of watch: £1,430