We promised we would provide more information about the 3 new and irresistible UNDONE Snoopy Lunar Watches, which launch today, and so here we are.

Fifty years on they capture just a tiny wearable essence of the excitement and amazement of the day man first landed on the moon with considerably less computer power than the cell phone in your pocket. In an extraordinary day of firsts, it was also the first time I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch the lunar landing.

Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Moon Heritage

First up, we have the 41.8mm Snoopy Moon Heritage watch. Limited to just 300 pieces, it’s inspired by the very watches worn by the first astronauts to step on the moon. It features Snoopy at 3 o’clock wearing his space helmet with a red scarf around his neck, floating in the gentle gravity of the lunar surface. Snoopy lights up in the dark as do the hands and indices. The exact time and date of the lunar landing are shown at 6 o’clock just above the date. The watch also features the well-known signature of Peanuts creator Schulz.

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Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Starlight

Next up is the Snoopy Starlight, a 40mm watch limited to just 300 pieces and featuring the famous beagle on a luminous starlit background. This watch features the time and date that Apollo X set off in May 1969.

These watches are by no means just a ‘me too’ 50th-anniversary moon landing promotion. It’s a legitimate piece of Apollo and Peanuts history, because the Apollo 10 Command Module 106, was christened “Charlie Brown”, while the lunar module was christened Snoopy. The mission was a dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and was the first time the Lunar Module was tested in lunar orbit.

Both these highly collectible limited editions come with a special LUNAR MISSION BOXSET and an extra parachute-cord wrist strap. The watches run on the ultra-reliable Seiko VK64 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Chronograph movement.

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 Customizable Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy A.C.E.S

Finally, there’s also an unlimited customizable piece, because UNDONE firmly believes that luxury is all about making something personal to you. With this option, you can choose your dial color, your strap and your favorite from the entire Peanuts cast each dressed in their dedicated LUNAR MISSION orange astronaut suits. The watch comes with a bonus complimentary orange Cordura strap. You can also add your name, initials or a caption on the dial at 3 o’clock.

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We have lift off! Grab your Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Lunar Watch now!

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent just 21 hours and 36 minutes parked up on the lunar surface, and it could be all the time you’ll have to grab one of these highly collectible limited-edition Peanuts x UNDONE Snoopy Lunar watches, so if you want one, you better get to the launchpad now.

Did you know?

On Earth, a fully suited Apollo 11 astronaut with his equipment included weighed a hefty 500 pounds. But on the moon, his weight was only around 80 pounds!


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