The name Pontvs seems to recall a more classical time, and that was exactly the intention of brothers Fernando and Juan Pablo Mansilla when they founded the brand, naming it after an ancient Greek ocean deity. Following the Kickstarter success of the Pontvs Acheron, now the proud, proven microbrand is offering the Hydra, a dive watch meant to withstand the ages – because it’s forged from rugged, ageless material.

The warmth, luster and natural chemical properties of bronze and brass – Pontvs’ signature materials – have lent themselves to the harsh saltwater environs of the nautical world since the dawn of open water exploration. The dive watches offered by Pontvs are inspired by this very aesthetic, a suitable deep sea companion meant to reflect a tradition that stretches back centuries.

Spitting acid from its multiple heads, the Hydra is one of Greek mythology’s most terrifying beasts; Pontvs named its flagship dive watch after the ferocious creature in the hopes that its adventurous wearer will have the fortitude to overcome such a beast – and any other challenge you may throw at it.

To that end, Pontvs crafted the case and bezel from naval grade blasted brass (70% Cu), gave its dial a healthy dose of Super-LumiNova, all underneath sapphire glass, and fitted a reliable Seiko SII NH35 hand-winding, hackable automatic movement underneath—a perennial and reliable favorite among microbrands.

The oversized, signed crown resides at the 4 o’clock mark – in true Seiko dive watch fashion – to eliminate pinching from one’s wrist. It also matches the 43mm case size in proportion, with a Maltese cross on the side for a nice added touch.

A clean, uncluttered design is key, while raised numbers on the bezel at the cross-marks improve visibility and tactile feel. Meanwhile, the 24mm lugs are drilled, aiding in the quick-swapping of the three NATO straps offered by Pontvs in blue, black, and olive green.

What’s truly unique about the Hydra, though, is the fact that such materials will develop their own unique patinas over time, adding a one-of-a-kind touch to a watch that will hopefully reside on your wrist for years to come.

This is Italian design at its finest, at a price far less than that other famous Italian dive watch. Available for just $390 USD – with an additional 10% discount when you subscribe to the Pontvs newsletter through the company’s new website, plus free worldwide shipping – there’s great value here, in the form of a proven movement and some genuinely thoughtful design touches that can’t be found at any price point anywhere else.

In celebration of Black Friday later this week, Pontvs will be offering a special 20% discount. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY to get 20% off your order through the weekend. The promo will run from Friday, November 29th though Monday, December 2nd, giving you a chance to score the Hydra at an even deeper discount.

How much?

$390 USD 

Visit the Pontvs website to order your Hydra today