A new year, and quite possibly, a new pen. Certain watch collectors, including our very own Senior Editor Bhanu Chopra, have a passion not only for watches but also for pens, so we like to report on what’s new and interesting in the world of fine writing instruments from time to time.

Capra NV is based in Northamptonshire, UK; the brand offers luxury writing instruments that are British made to exacting Formula 1 standards. A family-owned company, over the past 40 years Capra NV has been involved in manufacturing motor racing and chassis components for some of the most recognizable names in motorsport.

It was Vanita Dhand-Panchal, Co-founder of Capra NV and her husband, engineer Nitul who three years ago had the idea to introduce a luxury goods division of the company capitalizing directly on the experience and skills the company had developed in the field of motor racing, one of the worlds’ most demanding industries where the only constant is rapid change.

The knowledge gleaned from the components industry has enabled them to produce fine writing instruments with high levels of manufacturing knowledge, unusual metals and groundbreaking techniques.

The company’s myriad skilled manufacturing operations form the basis of Capra NV pen collections.  Each luxury writing instrument is meticulously designed and produced with a clarity of form and design.  Each pen takes 8 weeks to produce from start to finish.   Pens such as the Emissary X are hand finished using a specialist ceramic used in supercars and Formula 1 cars.

The coatings range from an advanced coating of Amorphic carbon used extensively for motor racing components to improve performance, to a hand coated specialist ceramic lacquer used in Supercars.


Dark Shadow is made with advanced metal alloys and coated with amorphic carbon as used in motor racing and supercars. The body is spiral fluted and detailed with a full- length raw carbon fibre weave.

How much?

Dark Shadow in Black and Anthracite carbon Ballpoint: £545

Dark Shadow in Black and Anthracite carbon Rollerball: £580



The ‘Emissary X’ is detailed with a diamond cut full-length groove on an advanced metal alloy. Coated in a ceramic lacquer and capped with a genuine gemstone cabochon. The pen is available in black, blue, red or white.

How much?

Emissary X In Ruby Red with Red Garnet Cabochon Ballpoint: £445 

Emissary X in Ruby Red with Red Garnet Cabochon Rollerball: £485



The Vanquish 8 pen is weighty feel and allows for an effortless writing experience. As with all Capra NV pens it’s been designed and crafted in England from advanced metal alloys which are then coated with an advanced carbon black and gold coating as used in motor racing cars. The body is delicately detailed with 5 hemispherical grooves.

How much?

Vanquish 8 Ballpoint Anthracite: £365

Vanquish 8 Rollerball Anthracite:£400

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