Recently, Casio announced the new Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR smartwatch with a built-in heart rate monitor.

Remember those far off days when watches just told the time? Now the all-new WSD-F21HR adds fitness tracking and monitoring to the already well established Pro Trek model range. To ensure you find your way home following a gruelling run it is equipped with built-in GPS and offline maps just like the Pro Trek WSD-F20.

Casio has teamed up with Google for the operating system here, and it runs on the well established Google Wear OS. This enables the watch to run several other fitness apps and add a layer of versatility beyond that of a conventional fitness watch.


Pro Trek WSD-F21-display

The new package of functions the Google OS Wear system offers puts the new Pro Trek WSD-F21HR in the same league as Garmin’s much-admired 2019 Marq collection, which is proving hugely popular with the brand’s athletically minded customer base.

The fact is, runners don’t want to be tethered to a mobile phone while giving it their all, so the new Pro Trek WSD-F21HR offers not only accurate heart rate monitoring but also wearable map technology, which means you can simultaneously monitor your physical condition and chart unfamiliar terrain via the watch alone.

Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR with Heart Rate Monitor caseback

The WSD-F21HR monitors your heart rate by means of an optical sensor on its caseback. There are five heart rate zones determined by entering resting and maximum heart rates. The watch measures your maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) as a guide for endurance activities like running.


True to Casio being the choice of math nerds ever since the introduction of the calculator watch in the 1970s, the Pro Trek WSD-F21HR now gives you the opportunity to be the fittest activity nerd on the block. In addition to heart rate monitoring, you can also measure pace and distance covered, right on the display of the watch.

The watch has an Activity App which is primed with Running and Trail Running menus that display the measurement data in real-time.

You can switch easily between four screens checking each function as you go and keeping tabs on all activity data. As soon as the watch detects motion via the built-in accelerometer, similar to downloadable mobile phone fitness apps, the new heart rate monitor screen kicks in once motion is detected.


Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR with Heart Rate Monitor2

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR-RD

Like all other PRO TREK Smart models, the new WSD-F21HR features Google App services such as the trekking app ViewRanger, the cycling app BIKEMAP, the running app STRAVA—most apps critical to outdoor sports and compatible with Wear OS by Google.

You can also customize the Running and Trail Running menus in the Activity app to suit you. Then you can import routes and data, or receive trekking and cycling routes recommended to you by fellow keep-fit enthusiasts. The Activity App measures the data, which is automatically saved to Google Drive and can be reviewed later via Google Calendar.

Pro Trek WSD-F21HR-BK

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR-BK

Water-resistant to 50 meters, the WSD-F21HR matches United States Military Standards requirements. The watch comes in a choice of black or red with a sporty bezel on a soft urethane band with a double pin buckle.

The watch can function on one single charge for up to 1.5 days with normal use and one month using its Multi-Timepiece mode. The new model is available for pre-order now for $499, with official availability/ship date coming on September 13th 2019.


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