In time for summer, ANONIMO is bringing out NAUTILO with a steel bracelet that can fit on all the brand’s diver models.

For the new 42mm NAUTILO Vintage or Classic,  ANONIMO plays with different materials and provide multiple combinations for a truly exclusive watch.

Traditionally handmade of leather in its country of origin, the choice of the bracelet testifies to the research for the harmony, care, and attention that is given to the aesthetics. A perfect balance between style and comfort to be worn this summer, the new steel bracelet brings continuity and harmony to the case of the diver’s watch.

Softer than the original models, the new NAUTILO 2019 concentrates all the functions and technical performance into a 42mm case and this new metal bracelet bears witness to the harmony of materials and the care taken regarding its aesthetics.

More than 10 years after the first edition of the famous dive watch, conceived by the naval engineer Dino Zei, the NAUTILO has a screw down crown positioned at 4 o’clock. True to its DNA, the cushion case and its dial are enhanced by a fluted bezel.

As for the bracelet itself, its three links alternate from satin to polished steel. A bracelet to wear with the diving-type security system integrated into the folding clasp.

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