Brellum Duobox Classic LE.3

By Bhanu Chopra on June 16, 2018

Micro brand Brellum has been putting out some very cool retro chronographs in past couple of years.  But with the release of Duobox Classic LE.3,...

Brellum Duobox LE Classic Gold Edition

By Michael Weare on May 22, 2017

Senior Editor Bhanu (aka ‘The Bhanu’), saw the prototype of this watch at Baselworld and was impressed. Following on from the success of the "Duobox...

Rise of the Swiss Micro brands: Brellum Duobox Chronometer

By Bhanu Chopra on February 12, 2017

In recent months, there is a grass roots movement and trend of micro or boutique watch manufactures in the Swiss watch industry.  You can see...