Flieger Friday: Junghans Meister Pilot Review

By Bhanu Chopra on April 3, 2020

Junghans Meister Pilot is homage to the 1950's Bundeswehr Chronograph with an attractive dodecagonal bezel

Watch of the Day: Junghans Max Bill Black and White Series

By Michael Weare on January 31, 2020

Junghans has just released the smart and sober Max Bill Black and White Series, a set of watches marked by their austere design and sharp, minimalist aesthetic.

Junghans Meister Chronograph in Midnight Blue

By Michael Weare on August 14, 2019

Author Philip Stanhope (1694 – 1773) once said: “Style is the dress of thoughts”. With this in mind, Junghans has unveiled the new Meister Chronoscope. First...

Junghans Max Bill Automatic 100 Jahre Bauhaus

By Michael Weare on August 6, 2019

Despite its extreme eloquence, the self-winding watch presented by Junghans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus could hardly be more modest. As a classic...

Watchuseek Team Visit to Junghans Terrassenbau Museum

By Bhanu Chopra on July 24, 2019

This year Bauhaus is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so it was very appropriate for us to visit Junghans museum in Germany. On July 13, 2019,...

Junghans Max Bill Edition Set 2019

By Bhanu Chopra on June 5, 2019

Limited to 222 units worldwide, the max bill Edition Set 2019 manufactured by Junghans is the centerpiece of Bauhaus mechanical craftsmanship. The set comprises of...

Junghans Meister Kalendar

By Michael Weare on May 13, 2019

The Meister Kalender showcases Italian elegance and yet still retains its status as a German Junghans classic. The combination of the leather strap in cognac...

Maximum minimal: Junghans Form A, Max Bill and Meister Classic Watches

By Michael Weare on October 18, 2018

Junghans long design and watch-making tradition can be seen throughout all the current collections. For example, the Meister watches, which have been manufactured since the...

Perfectly Precise Worldwide: JUNGHANS max bill MEGA

By Michael Weare on August 20, 2018

Simplicity can be so precise. In 2018 Junghans presents the max bill MEGA, a world first. A timepiece that embodies precision perfectly in design and...

Radio Controlled Precision Around The World: Junghans Meister MEGA

By Michael Weare on August 1, 2018

Junghans Meister MEGA is a watch created by the designers in Schramberg, with a movement developed by the company’s in-house engineers. Based on the Meister...