MeisterSinger Blue Lunascope Singlehandedly Wins iF Design Award

By Michael Weare on February 21, 2019

Munster, Germany based watch brand MeisterSinger, famous for their single hand timepieces, has been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award for the Lunascope moon phase...

VIDEO: In-Depth Meistersinger Metris Review

By Scott Sitkiewitz on December 14, 2018

The new for 2018 Meistersinger Metris brings a different look to the one hand watch world with its slim 38mm retro case and striking dial...

Baselworld 2018 Live Report: MeisterSinger Watches for The Millennials

By Bhanu Chopra on March 26, 2018

MeisterSinger has been consistently making the right decisions in their watch development and coming up with coherent strategy to present to both the watch enthusiasts...