Momentum’s Holiday Watch Guide For Women

By Michael Weare on December 8, 2017

Men, if the lady in your life has hijacked one of your favorite sports watches and just won’t give it back, it could be a...

Made With True Adventure In Mind: The Momentum Flatline Collection

By Michael Weare on November 22, 2017

Momentum’s approach to watchmaking is very much like most Watchuseek readers’ approach to watch buying; shoot from the hip, pragmatic, with no gimmicks, no philosophical...

Two New Moods From Momentum: The Morioka Automatic Leather and Fieldwalker Automatic

By Michael Weare on November 3, 2017

We featured Momentum Watches back in September, revealing some of their watches for professionals including firemen, police and military personnel. (more…)

Momentum Watches: Tough As Nails And Dependable

By Vikas Chopra on September 29, 2017

Momentum Watches are made by the St. Moritz Corporation, based in Blaine, Washington and Vancouver, Canada. Their Deep-Sea System Collection (DSS) is known for being...