Community Review: The Timex Navi XL Automatic

By wus_com on January 23, 2020

New year, new approach! Beginning 2020 with a hands-on review of the Timex Navi XL Auto from a fellow enthusiast & collector.

Why Timex Watches Still Lead In The Ultra-Affordable Space

By Justin Mastine-Frost on December 2, 2019

These are the best Timex watches to convert your friends & fam into future WIS.

Must Feel Monday: Timex Group Introduces TESLAR, The New Wearable Wellness Watch

By Michael Weare on August 5, 2019

Could the traditional Monday morning blues be caused by too much electromagnetic activity? Timex Group has just launched the TESLAR Watch. It’s a new wearable...

Watch Collection Essentials: Timex Easy Reader 35mm

By Michael Weare on July 3, 2019

Now, this is what you want. The ultimate wear it and forget it watch from Timex. The Timex Easy Reader 35mm. Reliable, unpretentious, incredibly easy...

Timex Group Luxury Division Announces Global Licensing Agreement With Teslar

By Michael Weare on November 19, 2018

Timex Group Luxury Division has announced a global licensing agreement with Teslar LLC for the design, development, and distribution of TESLAR branded watches and wearables....

Snag The Self-Winding Timex Snoopy Watch While You Can

By Justin Mastine-Frost on November 7, 2018

Move over, Speedmaster Silver Snoopy, a new Snoopy watch is in town, and it's WAY more affordable (for the rest of us). You've probably seen...

Timex Marlin Reissue

By Michael Weare on December 27, 2017

The Timex Marlin is a 1960s reissue. Back then, this classic dresswatch was “waterproof” and normally paired with genuine leather straps. The case measures the...

MTWWTS: adidas ZX Trail Mid and hiking watches

By Michael Weare on September 7, 2015

We don’t usually put MTWWTS posts so close together, but sometimes needs must. adidas has just released an adventure themed footwear range called the "Vanguard...