Watch of the Day: New Emerald Green TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300m Models

By Michael Weare on September 20, 2019

TAG Heuer has brought out sparkling new emerald green versions of their ever-popular Aquaracer 300m diver for both men and women. The new watches take...

Watch of the Day: Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition

By Michael Weare on August 24, 2019

If in living out your James Bond fantasies, you'd rather not opt for the more well-trodden charms of an Omega or a Rolex watch, then...

Best Dive Watches Under $500

By Michael Weare on August 21, 2019

We found a surprising number of options beyond the usual suspects.

Watch of the Day: DOXA Sub 200 T.Graph 130th Anniversary Limited Edition

By Michael Weare on August 19, 2019

Yet another DOXA classic has been revived, using old stock hand-wound movements.

An Important Announcement from DOXA Watches

By Michael Weare on August 13, 2019

News just in for fans of DOXA: As of August 1, Swiss National Day, Doxa Watches headquarters in Switzerland officially regained 100% authority over the...

New Seiko 5 Sports Collection Rolls Out A Ton Of Affordable Divers

By Justin Mastine-Frost on August 8, 2019

Coming as a bit of a mid-summer surprise the new Seiko 5 Sports collection was just unveiled, and we've got a lot to unpack here....

KICKSTARTER: Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean 600m Swiss Made Professional Diver

By Michael Weare on July 11, 2019

While you wouldn’t want to go diving in Hong Kong’s so-called ‘Fragrant Harbor’, close by in the Philippines are some of the world’s finest diving...

Longines 36mm Legend Diver Watch

By Michael Weare on June 27, 2019

A reimagined version of a 1960s diving watch, the Longines Legend Diver Watch features prominently in the brand’s Heritage line. The watch is now available...

Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage

By Michael Weare on June 25, 2019

When the first Alpina 10 Super Compressor diving watch was introduced in 1969 it featured two crowns, one of which was used to control the...

Angelus U51 Diver Tourbillon 5-Day Power Reserve

By Michael Weare on June 18, 2019

Swiss brand Angelus has added a 5-day power reserve to its diving tourbillon movement. While meeting all the criteria for a diver’s watch, the U51...