Dress Watches

Best Dress Watches Under $1,000

By Michael Weare on September 20, 2019

Dress watches tend to have more refined features and, in most cases, thinner movements than their sporting counterparts. At the higher end they are usually...

Zodiac Relaunches Limited Astrographic, True To 1969 Spec

By Justin Mastine-Frost on August 19, 2019

Zodiac continues down the retro reissue path with latest limited release.

Summer Party Watch Wear: Zodiac Olympos

By Michael Weare on August 12, 2019

Originally launched in 1961 and now reimagined for the modern era, the Zodiac Olympos dress watch combines innovative design with classic style. With backing from the...

max bill Automatic 100 Jahre Bauhaus

By Michael Weare on August 6, 2019

Despite its extreme eloquence, the self-winding watch presented by Junghans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus could hardly be more modest. As a classic...

The New Sartory Billard SB04

By Michael Weare on July 24, 2019

“Craft”, “hand-made”, “artisanal”.  These are phrases that get thrown around by pretty much every watch brand these days.  But what does that even mean anymore? ...

Best Dress Watches on a Budget

By Michael Weare on April 26, 2019

So seriously, what are the best dress watches you can buy on a budget? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for all...

The Best Dress Watches with Roman Numerals

By Michael Weare on April 19, 2019

Roman numerals undoubtedly add that extra layer of tradition and sophistication to a gentleman’s dress watch. Here's our list of some of the best dress...

Best Dress Watches Under $500

By Michael Weare on October 12, 2018

We now turn our attention to dress watches, and we start as usual with watch choices for under $500. In a sign of just how...

The Best Dress Watches to Fit Any Budget

By Mary Simpson on May 9, 2018

Have you got a big night out coming up? We've got you covered with this list of the best dress watches to fit any budget....