G-SHOCK has just this month released the all-new Mudmaster GG-B100 series in Japan.

The GG-B100 is part of the recent wave of Carbon Core Guard G-Shocks and features a carbon fiber-reinforced case with a carbon fiber bezel. As with previous Mudmaster and Mudman models, the GG-B100 has a mud-resistant structure.

The GG-B100 has a quad sensor and becomes the first connected Mudmaster with a Bluetooth mobile link function that allows the watch to connect to the G-Shock Connected smartphone app for various functions such as automatic time adjustment, mission log, location indicator, calorie consumption display, and phone finder. The GG-B100 also has a front-facing light button and retains the signature armored look of previous Mudmaster models with resin sections placed over the bezel.

The GG-B100 will launch in three colorways in July 2019 in Japan with the black GG-B100-1AJF, khaki green GG-B100-1A3JF, and orange GG-B100-1A9JF.

The GG-B100-1A, GG-B100-1A3, and GG-B100-1A9 are also expected to be released throughout the rest of Asia in July 2019. Casio America has announced the GGB100-1A3 for release in August 2019.

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